Otobrush™, Hands-Free Automatic Toothbrush

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Meet Otobrush, the most convenient toothbrush the world has ever seen.

Dentists generally recommend two whole minutes (which feels like an eternity if you actually last the full two minutes) to brush your entire mouth. When this time is extrapolated to the amount of time each tooth surface is brushed, (assuming 28 erupted adult teeth, with three exposed surfaces of most of these teeth), each surface is only brushed for about 1.4 seconds! That does not seem like a whole lot of time! However, with the otoBrush, each tooth surface will be brushed for 10 seconds, and it will only take 15 seconds to brush your entire mouth, hands-free!

Nearly all dental and periodontal (gum) disease is caused by either poor brushing technique or lack of brushing altogether. With the otoBrush, never have to worry about your brushing technique or having to do it for 4 minutes per day. Now you get perfect brushing technique in just a matter of 30 seconds per day!

Otobrush functions similarly to electric toothbrushes in that it gently disrupts plaque via vibration. The bristles are soft, as per dentist recommendation, in order to prevent recession of the gums. Otobrush is made out of anti-bacterial silicone with rows of bristles at 45-degree angles and fits all jaw and mouth sizes. The toothpaste capsule lasts approximately one month and it is recommended that the mouthpiece is replaced every 3 months. Ideal for traveling, the Otobrush only needs to be charged once a month.

For more information on how to use the Otobrush watch this video and Learn more... 

What's Included: 

  • One (1) Otobrush Body
  • One (1) Detachable Toothpaste Capsule 
  • Two (2) Brush Heads
  • One (1) Charging Base
  • One (1) USB Charging Cable

*Does not include our exclusive Otobrush compatible toothpaste. Sold separately.


More Free Time

Save up to 100 days of your life just by using otoBrush.


Antibacterial silicone kills 99% of bacteria.

Bass Method

otoBrush uses the toothbrushing method that dentists recommend.


Low-voltage technology saves a lot of energy each time you brush your teeth.

Zero Waste

The toothpaste is already included with the perfect amount.


otoBrush is waterproof and works with braces and dental prosthesis.

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